Designers Block and inspiring yourself

Designers Block and inspiring yourself

I don’t know if it’s just me and the mental blocks that I battle with every day with my brain, but I tend to find that the hardest part ironically of being a web designer, is the actual design work.  How many times have you as a designer sat down to produce a design for the web but are left scratching your head, starting a design and then…” hmmm, that’s just no good”. This is the point a writer might tear up their letter or story ideas, tut for a few seconds and try again. Well, I know I’ve lost count of those times. It’s okay going away and having an idea in your head but the questions have to be asked, how do you translate that idea onto the screen.  Are you developing something that suits your client or looking at your baby through rose tinted glasses, does it represent what your client is all about.  The key word at this point is not necessarily innovation (which was drilled into me in my Uni days but instead it’s inspiration.

I often ask myself, How can you come up with something truly original, the answer is, you can’t. Not generally. Designs are generally inspired by something you have already seen. You are inspired, influenced. But if you are a creative you still have to take that inspiration and try to do something different.   My method is as follows.

1)  Scour the web for inspiration.  See what’s been done, get excited, get your brain ticking.

2)  Plan the semantics. How many pages, what will they be? Where and where is the content, how much will you need, how will you navigate the site

3)   Paper designs. This could be  Spider diagrams,  sketching,  architecture

4) Wireframing.   Plan, whether it be on paper or on the web where your logos, buttons and design elements will be placed.

5) Photoshopping.  Mockup the designs in a graphics package or even straight to the browser offline and Present to client

The biggest mistake is to go straight into the design without thinking about the above considerations. Because you will come stuck.  I always keep coming back to the word inspiration.  Today I found a neat little website in which you can come up with your own page designs.

It’s not industry standard and there’s a lot of work to be done (and then some) once the website has finished it’s magic (and it costs to use the full site) and it certainly doesn’t do all the hard work to create but it does give you an idea of what is required to produce a winning design and it does give you that all important inspiration. That’s what I feel, anyway.


Day 2

Well, today is the second day of this grand adventure of mine. It’s all very exciting.
I’d like to thank all of those who in this short time have given me great advice and encouragement on my new site. I’ve been developing sites to graduate standard for a little while, but a “little while” is nothing compared to what I’ve got ahead. So I don’t mind admitting that I was little nervous when I put my new site live. So long as my potential customers are happy, and my viewers are happy, that’s the important thing.
I intend to grow my business in stages. I still have a few customers to get me started but once that’s done and my first income comes in it will be time to start thinking about putting my name out into the local area.
I don’t expect things to kick off right away. It’s going to be a very difficult but hopefully rewarding time, but I’ve already had good and helpful advice and an enquiry for a website which is potentially exciting. Watch this space.

JGDM is up and running!

JGDM is ready!  Please go to – yes I’ve kept the same domain.  I’ve been open for business for a while now but the site now reflects my new brand; is hopefully a lot easier to read and nicer to look at.

I’ve taken the scary step of going into self employment which means making money myself which has all sorts of pressures and I’m under no illusions that it’s going to be easy for me, but hopefully the rewards will come.

I’m on a journey, probably the biggest and scariest I’ve ever embarked in my life and I hope to improve myself all the way and what I hope is a long and successful time, actually running a (albeit micro) business for myself. I’m open for Website design, photo and image editing, multimedia designs and where I can, animation.  I want to thank my current clients for their patience with me as I’ve been working to complete this website. Barring a few more little additions here and there, the site is more or less complete.

As well as the site you can also keep in touch with how I’m getting on through my new Facebook page, Twitter Feed and LinkedIn as well as Skype. Links will be provided below.

So I’ve put the site as it is now live but I know this next step is crucial.  The site, like any other is up there and opens to critiques and feedback just as any other.  I’m very grateful for your feedback positive or negative, but please make it constructive.

I hope you all like what I’ve done with the new site. Every new project I do, I look to better myself and try and bring something new.

So here we are. I only ask a few more things.

Please connect with me below.  I am now registered on Linked in and I have new Facebook and Twitter feeds for my business.

You can also get in touch via Skype. My mic is set up for free audio calls from anywhere in the world, and if it’s not, alternatively we can catch up on IM.

My new Blog Page which I’ll post extended updates, so you can keep up to date with what’s happening at JG Digital Media in real time.  So that’s it.  JGDM has legs. Hopefully I can use them to make some exciting things happen. Thanks for reading and see you all soon!