Happy Christmas and New Year to all

Hello, me again!  This post serves a few purposes.

First of all, to wish my followers and anyone reading a happy Christmas and prosperous New Year..  Also to test and expand the web presence of this blog on the world wide web.

I’ve added the Blog to Feed Burner so you can save it as an RSS feed so you can stay up to date in real-time as and when I update this blog.  Here it is

This year has been a challenge, one of highs, the biggest of which is having the confidence to open a business at all.  It was a big deal for me and one I’m very excited to have gone ahead with. I’m grateful to my small but valued group of clients who have helped me get on the road.  I’m very hopeful at 2013 will be a springboard year for me. I know there is hard work ahead for me if I want to achieve this, but this is what I’ve wanted to do for some time.  I’m sure if nothing else my enthusiasm will see me through as I continue to learn and grow.

Please may I also take this opportunity to share my Facebook page for my business. Here I just let everyone know how the business is going and make sure I share web and multimedia articles and resources which I know people have found useful. If you would like to, you can sign up to my page here.

Once again a very happy Christmas to you all and I’ll catch up with you again soon, I’m sure