Web Designing Vs Web Developing

Well, I got this netbook so I could write and blog more, so I guess it’s time I blogged. 🙂

I wanted to share my thoughts on the role of web designers and developers and how the two can be intermixed. I suppose it’s commonly thought that designers are the people who get behind the most creative projects, the people who get the mockups started in the likes of Photoshop and build those interfaces on the web, while the developers are the people who get them working. But it’s not always as cut and tried as that.

Well, my view is that there’s no black and whites to this when it comes between the differential of Web Designers and Developers. Clearly the people who can code tend to get further in the web field as they can get more done… they can take jobs from clients and are more likely to be able to say, “yes I can do this for you”.

From a personal point of view, I struggle and always have done with Web code, and Web Scripting. And when I struggle, it’s not always the struggle in understanding what I see in front of me.  It’s in cramming the information into my head, committing it to memory.

HTML  Fine; Great in fact. CSS. Piece of cake!  Basic programming fundamentals,  okay.  But delving deeper into these languages has always been tricky for me.  I have never been able to to fully grasp one.  I mean, I feel like I know enough to be able to tweak a script or a framework to my needs, but to sit down and write something completely new, I just don’t have the space in my already dyspraxic brain to gain those skills. 

I’ve tried PHP, Javascript, C, C++, PERL, ActionScript and even MS Visual Basic in my time, so I feel like I ought to have some experience in these languages and at least I do have a handle on programming concepts.

But where I excel and have always excelled is in Design and trying to create user interfaces, visual interfaces and make them pretty, give a user the idea of how a website will work and look.  So for me, as a web designer it’s designs, prototypes and where possible and in most instances full static websites and multimedia designs. That is where my heart and passions lie.

I really want to expand to CMS websites too. Watch this space for more on that to come.   :)