It’s okay to ask for help!

Hello all.   
Last month I chanced upon a TV ad for Working Tax credits, quite randomly and not on purpose but it provoked me to check again and make sure I could be eligible for an award.
And I got one.  This represents the first time I’ve seen fit to ask for further help in helping me keep my head above water financially while I trying to get my business off the ground. And it was a big call for me to do so.
When I started Jonnie Grieve Digital Media, I didn’t have much by way of a business startup support.  I had 1 or too clients to get me started, but I had (by choice) no start up grants or loans.  I have enough loans on my plate from my Student Loan.  So I went into the deep end, on my own, determined, perhaps you might say arrogant, to do it all on my own.  But perhaps this is a lesson for me.  It’s okay to admit you need help.
And help is available. 

I did the HMRC online questionnaire  a month ago, and it told me, despite what I thought it told me last time, that I may actually be eligible for WTC. So I went through the gruelling process of applying. (You know what I mean if you’ve ever tried to phone HMRC)

On Thursday I received a letter telling me I can expect credits for the next year with regular payments either till they run out or to end of the year. To say it comes as a relief is an understatement. 

What does this award mean to me?

It means for the foreseeable, I have a small but regular income.
It means I can put more fuel in my car.
It means I can cover the legalities of running the car
It means I put money INTO my savings account, rather than taking it out all the time.
It means Christmas is back on 

It means I have a little (just a little) financial peace of mind in addition to the income I manage to bring in to my business and it’s a life saver.

This morning I completed my tax return for 12/13 which tallies with my WTC application. My income level and allowable business expenses have not changed. My receipts are absolute so my gross income is solid and I’m sure now that the details I gave are actually correct. I’m just happy that the HMRC saw fit to allow me this award as my figures are quite unique I’m sure compared to others in my position and I was never 100% they’d take me seriously. but hopefully for now at least this help might just make life a little easier for now at least. 


So my advice if you’re shy in these things to be a little braver, know when you need help and just ask because you have little to lose and much to gain.


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Digital Advertising with me!

Advertising with Jonnie Grieve Digital Media

My main focus this week so far has been about advertising websites with sites such as Google Adwords and other alternatives after a client came to me asking about Landing Pages.

Banner advertising has long been something I’ve been looking to provide in my business but as my current website pool is still so small, I haven’t had a lot of business and therefore practice doing the process for my clients.

So, what I’m doing now is treading new ground as I’m doing much of the time with my business still in its infancy.  I’ve done a lot of research into the area and I believe I have a handle now on how the CPC (Cost per click) advertising campaign works.

Design Process for Online advertising with Jonnie Grieve Digital Media

  1. I create drafts on Bannersnack, ( or on an image program/on paper the purpose of which I identify how individual ads will function; how it will appear. I then present this to client for approval.
  2. Implement draft in Flash or Photoshop or as a simple Google text ad. This will then be presented to the client for final approval;
  3. Link it to a specifically designed landing page which expands on the information presented in the original ad.

What’s in it for you?

I can run and manage your online marketing campaign for you, but I suggest to clients that they run their own campaigns themselves, so they have the information they need to see closer at hand.  This little image below tells you what you can expect to see when you manage your campaign figures. This is a test marketing campaign I set up on Adwords.  It’s all ready to go, except Google is waiting for me to put in billing information.

The idea of creating quality of text and image ads is Think how much are you willing to pay for an advert when someone clicks on it.  Registration for Google Adwords is free. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. 

A few quick pointers.

Clicks – Quite self-explanatory really. This tells you the number of people who have interacted with your advert by clicking on it. Clicks show interest in your add in what you have to offer.

Impressions – This tells you how many times your ad has appeared on the Google Ad Network.

Click Through Rate (CTR) – This is important as it tells you how many times a user has clicked your ad compared to the amount of times it is shown. This is a measure of how effective your advert is.

Cost – is the cost to you, of your advertising campaign.

So, one way or the other there will be costs to you for running the campaign but the big advantage of CPC advertising is that you control your total budget and you only pay what your campaign is worth. Start with a budget you feel comfortable with in terms of bids per click.

Set that budget  then evaluate what keywords are driving the most traffic  then adjust your bids accordingly.

What’s in it for me?

So, one way or the other there will be costs to you for running the campaign. You can if you wish run your own campaign designs. I would even recommend it for basic text campaigns.


For text campaigns I’d be happy to give advice on the best text campaigns for your business. Obviously the text campaigns will need a landing page for the ad which I will provide.

Image and Flash Banners

Google Adwords support image and text adverts for online advertising.  This is where I believe I can help with the design of image and Flash banners.  I believe I can create stunning ads that will draw people to your business. I do ask for a design charge for the design of Banners is at around £50 which includes the banner and design of its landing page. This is bearing in mind once the design is created it is yours to reuse for your advertising purposes. Each advert will go through a stringent design process and no advert will go through a campaign unless it has been 100% approved by the customer.  The service will also include the cost of the advertising campaign itself unless customer is comfortable running this on their own Google account. If that is too much for your budget, let’s keep talking and see what arrangements we can come to.


Google is the market leader in online advertising however there are a couple of alternatives I think might be worth looking at in the future.

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I will be talking more about my services in the coming days.