Join me on Bizitalk and GROW your business!

I’ll start by going straight to the point.  Join Bizitalk! It’s been exciting, and a thrill to join this social network for the small business and self employed.

January has been an exciting month for my business.  It’s been hard working o my own trying to grow Jonnie Grieve Digital Media for various reasons.  I won’t into those just yet, but since I’ve become a member it;s been a good place to connect, share the highs and lows of business life and promote.

The business model of this site is unique and simple.  Take out a premium membership  £5 a month or £50 per annum. You will see an instant return in shares.  You get your first 12 months after your first annual term or instantly if you take out your premium membership. Not just premium membership but shareholder membership.

But what’s in it for you?

  • Twitter promotion. You get this for free. Think on that, free advertising for your business. You even get this if you don’t take up the paid membership option. You get tweets and retweets to followers totalling thousands where you can promote any sales and promotions you might have on offer. Or you might just want to give your website a mention. Either way this is freely available to all members.
  • You can contribute your ideas and knowledge to other business users. Get involved by helping others and offering your services in the business community
  • Add your details to the Bizitalk business directory so community members and more can contact you.
  • It’s a great networking opportunity
  • Get tips on how to grow your business
  • A place to blog,

If I’ve not convinced you, let the people themselves tell you all about it. It’s all available to read on 

It’s not a magic wand, instant cash-cow but it’s as good as.

In the past couple of months:

  1. From a personal point of view I’ve gained a couple of business contacts and so many people now know my name.
  2. Web hits on my website have gone up! and I’m starting to earn money from clicks on advertising revenue.
  3. I’ve been been contacted over new business from one or 2 people in the Bizitalk community

All this could only have come from my activity from Bizitalk.  They say they’re on to a good think with this website and I can only agree with them.

I urge anyone who is working for themselves or has a small business to check this  website out. You will not regret it!


5 things you can get started with on Google+ RIGHT AWAY!

Google+ has been around for 2 or 3 years now and is the newest of what I deem to be the “big 3” social media sites of the age.  Most of my social media time is spent developing my Twitter and Facebook presence because I know and understand these websites.

That said, there’s everything to be said for the fact that social media and SEO using Google and having a Google+ page is beneficial to anyones’ marketing and promotion because the vast leader in web search market is Google.

I was quite staggered to read in the Modern Marketing Spark’s quick guide to Google+ that it’s use shot up within in the first weeks in months.  In just a few months, it shot up to 12 million users in the first few months.  Including myself.

But the problem is, I never really “got it”.

A couple of months ago, I joined another social media site, the newest social network on the scene. Kind of like a linkedIn for smaller business. And it’s through this website, Bizitalk that I got in touch with Cassie Hicks Kerr of Modern Marketing Spark who was kind enough to help introduce me to Google+ and it’s benefits for marketing and promotion of your business.

It gave me 10 helpful tips for getting started with G+.  Some of them take a little it of work but I wanted to help break it down a little bit further and tell you all about the things you can do with G+ right now.

Get yourself on now and sign up if you have not already. 

1) Circling your audience  You can organise your contacts in lists that G+ calls circles.  You can have as many lists as you like and you can have them for pretty much any purpose. You can use them for friends, acquaintances, pages and interestsm business contacts, and you can target specific posts that you make, to specific circles. 

You are in complete control of who can see what posts. Posts to your  family circle will not be seen by those in business or acquaintances.  They are completely confidential so if you add someone to a circle or move them they will never know which group you have them in.

2)  Get involved and be active in your news feed  G+ is just like Twitter and Facebook in the sense that you can share links, your interests and what is happening in your life.  It is an excellent tool therefore for promoting your business. 

Be careful to use your posts sparingly so you have more chance of making a positive impact on your audience. Don’t clog up their news feeds and aim to use no more than a few posts per day.

3)  Watch streams for discussions.Get involved more discussions,.  Build a reputation.

As you build up your G+ circles (i.e. your contacts), watch out for what is going on in their posts.  Find your niche market and be sure to participate in their discussions.  Make a reputation for yourself.  Be knowledgeable and show your passion for your subject and over time you will be able to create a network of contacts

4) Utilise trending topics.  Use the biggest and most appropriate trends to share your own content

The “What’s new and recommended” section is like Twitters list of trending topics. Just like twitter you can search through a list of hashtags and see what people are talking about, what they’re searching for. Get your own content and posts on those lists and try and make a post that stands out, catches the eye.  Get a link to your website out there and get your business noticed.

 5 ) Complete your Google+ profile

Take the time to complete your Google+ profile. Be transparent and descriptive so you make yourself look more real.  Think about adding anything useful about yourself and your business that people will want to know about, and of course add a link to your website and/or blog which will be important to link building.

As a bonus you might want to check out GT to get a shortened link to your G+ profile.  My link is  

Credit for these tips go to Modern Marketing Spark, get in touch for their guide to Google+ which has already been useful to me for helping me understand Google’s take on social media a bit more.


That about wraps it up for my latest blog post.  I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful.  Don’t forget to check out my website and see you all soon.   🙂

Applying Colour in Google Web Designer

Giving my colour blog for Google Web Designer a new outing 🙂

The official blog for JGDM - Jonnie Grieve Digital Media

Applying colour in Google Web Designer

I want this next blog to be not only for my own benefit but for others as well. Because, for the month and a half that I have raved and cheer-lead for this great authoring program, there is one thing that before now, 3:30pm on the 18th of November that I hadn’t quite got my head around; using the colour tools.

Because there is a lot of them in this application.  Don’t get me wrong, I can apply colour to shapes and elements and the tools are easy enough to use.  But as I open new documents and point and click to the various tools, I find myself asking the question, “which is the right tool to use?”  “Which one and where”?

There is

  • A colour icon for the text tool for changing text colour of a font.
  • A colour icon for changing…

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Short tale of a web designer

I’m a web designer. I’m a graduate of Web and Multimedia Design a fantastic course which has helped shape me into the kind of designer that I am today. In that course, I was encouraged to innovate, to stretch beyond my comfort zone and beyond the limits of what I thought I could do. For the most part, I like to think I did that.

In todays world there’s more and more of a need for designers to be skilled not just in design but in web development too.

Today, I received an enquiry via Facebook for a website that would require me to either code some online shopping capability myself or find some open source code to generate CMS shopping capability.

Amazingly this person wasn’t scared away by my honesty when I admitted I’m a designer in the strictest sense of the word. Don’t get me wrong, I’m aware of programming concepts and basic web scripting but not all us designers are skilled and proficient code superstars.

So I don’t take this project on (all going well) with much fear about the road ahead. My goal in my business is to improve myself in everything that I do, that includes each design I make, each experience I have with new challenges in coding and the services that I provide as a web designer and prove I can be just as good for a web design client as the next designer.

Jonnie Grieve Digital Media in 2014

Hi everyone.

So we’ve made it to 2014 and are facing up to a whole new year in business and after a nice Christmas break and I’m going into the new year with renewed confidence and anticipation of a year of growth.

I suspect a big part of this growth will be my new found association with Bizitalk. I stumbled across this website in the latter part of 2013 and I’ve recently seen fit to take out a premium membership as a member shareholder.

In return Bizitalk give you a premium directory listing for your business, the ability to network with other business people, collaborate and share your ideas and experience. To put it briefly it is a social media website for business.

I’m currently enjoying a business tweet campaign in which my tweets, containing the Bizitalk hashtag are retweeted by the network to literally thousands of other businesses like mine to give me exposure the likes of which I’ve never had before. It’s by no means a guarantee of new business but it has certainly helped me take promotion of Jonnie Grieve Digital Media to another level.
It has increased my chances of my business could get somewhere.

I’ve also been boosted by an enquiry for computer Illustration work which I’m mulling over and about to start a trial commission on. I’ve done a little bit of computer graphics and animation in my course and I while Web Design is my main strength in Jonnie Grieve Digital Media, I really want to prove that I can take on new things and turn something new into a new area of strength.

Part of going into something so bold as going in to a new business solo has been remembering that I’m not doing this completely on my own and I rely on the work of others. Web Designers need their software and hardware. I also received a huge boost in an email today from one of my web hosting providers in cloud next without a huge hole in my pocket being burnt.

That means next to zero down time, faster loading speeds and increased availability for excellent value and the best possible first impression for first time vistiors to your websites!

So if you’re in need for affordable web design and web hosting, and a friendly service please contact me. I’m a graduate of Web and Multimedia, I work hard and I’m an approved designer of some of the best web design associations and directories.

Check out my website at, thanks for reading and a very Happy New Year to you! 🙂