How I work

Like all things in life, I sometimes get a bit burned out and feel like I don’t know the way forward. I become drained of all enthusiasm and motivation I can feel like I’m standing at the foot of the tallest mountain on Earth and unsure how to get started; what the next step. I question what I want to do, why I want to do it. That doesn’t sound good, right?

But then, a light bulb just switches on in the brain and I get that little bit of encouragement I need that gets me going and sustains me through the creative process from conceptual design to the hours of developing my product or service to the end goal. I think that’s something all creative people go through. See, what gets me going is that I just keep thinking. I have a brain that is often incapable of shutting down at the best of times.

As a self employed person I’m in charge of pretty much everything to do with my business and sometimes it’s hard to know when to take a step back, have a bit of a breather and when to keep going. Naturally I always keep up with client deadlines.

I’ve just come back in earnest now from my self-imposed Easter Break but I never switched off from business mode. Not really. I never stop thinking about my business how I can improve it. If I’m not writing code, I’m designing. If I’m not designing, I’m looking at a web design video or tutorial, or article.

I spend a lot of time when not doing client work, just sitting learning to write new code. I’ve got a lot of HTML5 and CSS knowledge inside that crazy head of mine, and sometimes I think I’ve learned it all and my way is the high way. I forget so easily that in this business there is always someone who knows more or knows less than you. There is always someone to learn and draw inspiration from. My current inspirations are the wonderful teachers at who have taught me that there’s always room for more learning to be done. I’ll always be grateful for the education I received at my University and I don’t think Treehouse was set up to be a replacement for University education, but definitely an alternative. Well worth investing time and money in to review your skills and learn new ones as well.

Through Treehouse I’ve had my eyes option to new ideas and ways of doing things. Even now I’m adopting a mobile first approach for my website which is now taking shape. I’m almost finished the mobile phase of my new website so I have that in the bag. Now I’ll soon be ready to start building a more complex layout structure for tablets and desktop interfaces.

This will include assets for desktop that won’t appear on mobile screens. I’m developing a kind of rolling gallery of websites current and past to include on my home page. This time, I’ve authored it in Google Web Designer, not Flash. For me that is a first. I’m ready now to transfer it from the page generated in GWD to my web page and looking forward to finding out how to successfully do this, It’ll be a challenge but one that I am up for.


Excuse me while I reminisce

Good evening web design world. 🙂

I’m busy with a lot of things at the moment which have the potential to be very exciting. I feel like my little micro business is growing in a little bit of stature even though it remains a job in itself to try and find new work I remain up and ready for the challenge.  Baby steps!  

I have some exciting web copy which I can’t wait to unveil on my new website. The new website itself is looking very exciting once it is built and I’m having fun keeping up with my degree on the brilliant Team Treehouse technology learning website. I’m still in the middle of the web design track and haven’t even gotten started getting into the nitty gritty of programming with it. It has refreshed my brain cells on CSS techniques and taught me some wonderful things I didn’t know about before. It’s a super website I would recommend to anyone wanting to get into web design and programming technologies.

It’s made think back to how I first started in web coding and web design. I’ve been into coding of some sort just over 10 to 12 years. I remember my first little go at web design. I signed up to Yahoo Geocities and put websites together through their web building and remember feeling all proud when I desigened myself a little profile page through my own self taught web code, on Microsoft Word. Yes, Microsoft Word.

I made myself a little personal profile page to put on the web, to tell the world about me. And I was crestallen when I put the code in the text box and found that the code didn’t turn out the way I expected and I couldn’t work out why that was. How to get a web page looking how I presented it in my word document. Back then, I was a complete web novices. I had no conception of doing this sort of thing for a living that it could be done professionaly. But I enjoyed the feeling of using code to create something. I’m full of awe at how when you create the right combination of text and characters, you can create something that looks beautiful. Oh the things I could have told my teenage self in those days

It’s a long road but it’s an exciting one right now. .