Building a simple PHP application – Self learning with Treehouse

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to update this page but I’ve been working on a sample project for a website based on PHP. A Shopping cart application based on PHP. This is probably about as far as I can take a shopping cart website on my own, particularly without using a custom solution like Sofalicous’ Open Cart.

Using Paypal does so much of the leg room for you. Paypal is fully integrated but I stress this is not a real store. I may well update the work later on to remove PayPal  and completely simulate any transaction later but this was purely a self teaching exercise to help me learn how a simple store is put together using PHP.

While I don’t have a photographic memory for programming, doing this has helped me open my eyes to different techniques i’d not thought about before.

It’s been tricky finding time to do this with paid work coming in and a house move to prepare for but I think it’s been a worthwhile venture.…/php/buildanapp/


A feeling to change in the air for my business

A house move is coming

I run a home business. As a self employed web designer I’m pleased to be able to say I can run my business from home. Maybe in the future my circumstances will allow me to run my business if a different way, but for now I’m a home business and therefore I go where home goes.  

Home will be a very difference place come the middle part of August. I’ve already scoped out where my office space will be, how it will look and I have big plans for new workspace. 

As this hastily drawn sketch indicates 🙂

But hardware problems have forced me to rethink my working routine already. My computer has become far too unstable.   It was quite slow at the best of times, with browsers and programs freezing almost at will. But due to budget I learned to disregard all of it and just carry on.  However after sampling windows 8 for the first time today.  It was a little different to what I am accustomed to but I found myself settling in no time at all to Windows features.  No crashing. No slowness. It was an absolute dream. It’s the level of computing power I’m striving for.  But money of course is an issue. Good, fast computers cost lots and this Windows 8 computer I’m speaking of is only a temporary fix. 

Thankfully I’m still able to do my work.   

  • Notepad++ text editor for writing code,
  • Evernote for keeping my thoughts and tasks organised. Its the best application there is for note taking.
  • FileZilla for connecting to my host server
  • Keepass, my trusty program for keeping all my passwords safe and secure. 

And of course the range of browsers for web apps and the office suite for all my documents. 

The biggest miss will. Probably be photoshop or another good image editing tool. It’s not ideal but until I can get an alternative system, I can manage.  

It’s change.  And change is coming.  I’m hoping it’s the start of the end of slow, aggravating compiting to fast easy going computing to increase my workflow and hopefully therefore productivity. 🙂

social media

By the way if you follow my Facebook page then this morning you probably noticed a photo of a young lady with a guitar that I posted this morning!  That was actually posted to my page in error but in the end I left it in.  The girl is RebeccaAnna, a young musician I’ve been promoting on social media since June last year.  I see her music in action regularly and I can vouch that her music is worth listening to and promoting. So do follow her videos and updates on her Facebook page. 

I’ve had a lot of social media work come in and I’ve seen positive results come in from my social media campaigns,  My starting rate for a social media campaign is £25 a month, competitive rate to get your social media sorted so you can spend more time doing what you do.  Web Deisgn is my core business but social media is one of my more successful alternative business ventures,