Update: What’s happening with Jonnie Grieve Digital Media

This week I’ve been getting back into action full time after what has been a trying time as we moved home and had to sort out our internet connection; actually that second thing remains an ongoing thing, grateful that I am to be able to work with a solid working connection.

To cut a long story short we’ve it took one week to get BT out to our home to connect us to the internet at all; another week to fix that botched connection and another few weeks to get some good connectivity for downloading of the programs and files I need to run my business and develop my skills.

It was a while before I could

  • Get MS Office installed on my computer so I could to my admin and accounting work.
  • Get the Adobe Suite installed so I could do run Photoshop and other web design software
  • Install FileZilla, Notepad++  Keepass and Evernote onto my system, 4 of my most important software packages I use on a daily basis that I can’t do without.

But I’ve now come through the worst of it and I’m really excited to get going again. It’s a fresh start for many exciting reasons.

New Hardware

A few months ago it became clear the hardware on my old computer (which is still sitting beside me tucked away by my desk) was failing badly. Getting slower, blue screening me every few hours, getting screen hangs and getting more and more unresponsive. This was quite worrying as I didn’t know how much money I had to spend on a replacement machine, especially as I need a new laptop too.

My Birthday came a few months ago and a fabulous new machine was arranged for me as a gift.


Which offers a significant upgrade on my previous computer in terms of RAM and CPU allowing me to do more without compromising speed as I was finding myself increasingly doing in recent times.

Which is why I wanted to look at getting Ruby downloaded to my machine for working with SASS, mySQL as an opensource database solution and XAMPP for local server php developing which should speed up my work flow instead of posting minute changes on a php file to my server.

It’s been quite fun turning this machine into a development environment and having the means to do it. Especially with SQL. Structured Query Language is fun.  I first got into it about 10 years ago for my HND in Bishop Auckland.  Anyone can get into it with it’s easy to learn Syntax, anyone can generate a simply script that creates a database that you can use to create dynamic web applications.  That’s the next step and I’m looking forward to seeing what I can achieve.

I’m making up for lost time with this. Over the next few months I intend to continue my php and SQL development before turning my attention back to WordPress Development, one of my goals for 2015 that I started earlier in the year.

Client Work

Time is of the essence with this though.  I have some exciting projects on the way including a mobile redevelopment that is almost complete for Auto Cleanse North East.  Responsive Web Design has been a real theme in my work this year and this is no less reflected in my next  projects.

The Elim Church have commissioned me to create a new responsive design in which I’ll take a given design and build it up using CSS and HTML5.  I’ve also been working with my web host company in the past couple of weeks to take over another website.

There are plenty of potential for more work happening behind the scenes that I’m waiting to hear further on. So although I’ve had a difficult time with technology in recent weeks I’m happy to say I’ve not suffered for it. Life is busy and life is good. In fact I feel more powered and more able than ever to make professional websites for you.


What can happen when a web design agency moves premises?

I wish it had not have taken this long and there are still one or two hurdles to overcome but I’m almost ready to get back to work.  I run my business from home, so where home goes the business goes.

I’ve had a lot of time to plan for this. I first learned about the move from Bishop Auckland to Castle Eden around February; still August has been a disruptive month.

Around this time, I afforded myself 2 weeks off to transition everything from the old workspace to the new. 2 weeks to set up the office, 2 weeks to add the files to my new (yes new) computer and 2 weeks grace for hooking back up to the Internet. 

It’s not been an easy process. 

Hooking up the nice high spec computer.. Fine. That part was great. I may go into that more in a future blog 

But for the first week or so I was completely without Wifi through no fault of our own. The engineer who connected us didn’t quite get the job done properly leaving us with landline but no broadband running through it; BT customer service weren’t forthcoming with the customer service but we did get connected after a delay of a week with a nominal connection speed.

This ought have been the end of it but we still needed to set up LAN connections for our desktop computers. 

Today we’ve had our networks hooked up but connection speeds are slow because apparently something or someone has been draining our bandwidth by gigabytes but no one knows how.  Which means the Internet that I value so much for my business is as slow as it can be and it will take a while for fast broadband to kick in.

So it’s not been easy at all. But, I am going to soldier on.  It’s been too long now and it’s time I got going again by hook or by crook.  I will beat technology instead of technology beating me 🙂