Making the most of your learning capabilities.

My latest blog links a little bit with previous one. Sometimes, I’m not very sure of myself. Usually when I find myself faced with a complex task. Something to wrap my head around. And then I think I’m spending far too much time thinking about “can’t do’s” instead of “can do if I try hard enough”.
This afternoon I wrapped up the technical part of a very tricky course for making a WordPress plugin.  It was very hard to follow and required all of my concentration.  I’d like to say I “aced” but in fact, in the end I’d completely broken it. I  can’t access the whole WordPress website from the back end or the front end. I’ve not the time or the motivation. to put it right.
I’ve have however learned a lot from my efforts and it was really interesting to get an insight into how WordPress plugins are put together. This is all okay.  It’s experience.  It gives me more ideas about what I might get into in the future.  Plugins are likely not a part of my journey but never say never.
But when I’m at my lowest, I can find myself thinking like this…

Sometimes I wonder… why do I bother with web development? Not Web Design, I get that. I love design and building interfaces.

But with Development I always get blown away like this is all too much for my brain to handle. My latest stumbling block is developing plugins for WordPress. I mean even if I did remember all of the code… I WILL end up forgetting it in the future… and not because I neglect the subject necessarily, but because I’ve already moved onto my next subject to tackle.

I think it’s because of my learning difficulties that I’ve gained that appetite for constant learning. I want to look at these things to see what is out there and how it is all done, even if I don’t pick up the skills for myself.

WordPress themes, I think that could be a goer. WordPress plugins? I wish but perhaps not.

The result of this was an interesting chat with a client about memory management.  There was no magic wand to make me memorise complex code but i thought it was a good template to help me memorise important points or note down places to look for the solutions I need.

Well some aspects of this will always have a certain truth.  My Dyspraxia will always be there.  It’s not going to go away.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not capable of learning.

We all do get overwhelmed at times. It will happen to me again in the future.  But we’re all equally capable of learning.  We all can and will learn if we have the right motivation, confidence, time and effort. I believe that’s the real secret to following your dreams, and mine involve learning to make great things happen with code.


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